2017’s Best Vacuum Cleaners: Reviews of Top Rated Brands

Hey and welcome to my site.  I created this site because I know how hard it can be these days to find a reliable vacuum cleaner.  Some are made with very poor quality and break down easily.  Others are so expensive that you wonder if they are really worth the price.  Don’t worry I’m here to help.  I have compiled what I believe are the best vacuum cleaners on the market so that you can make a good purchase.  Keep reading to see what products are worth it and what ones aren’t.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

There are many different types of vacuums that we will go over below.


The cordless ones are some of the best.  The reason for this is that they can be transported easily.

The best cordless vacuum cleaners with bag

For reasons that I still do not know, many consumers prefer to use bag vacuum cleaners , so I show you the best there is on the market today. We find again the brands Polti, Rowenta and Bosch.

Let’s go there lovers of the soil without pieces of bread!

Vacuum cleaner with bag Polti forzaspira CS200

Vacuum cleaner with Polty cs200 bag


vacuumVacuum cleaner without pouch polti c130 plus

Once again we have Polti among the most sold vacuum cleaners with hand bag of your model CS200.

There is one thing that I am absolutely sure, is that if this vacuum cleaner is of the polti brand, it is great. Let’s see what this model so cool.

Vacuum cleaner with Polti Cs200 bag:

Power of 220 W, that generate only 63 decibels, that is to say, a vacuum very quiet in comparison with the others.
EPA filter with three phases of filtration.
What strikes me most about this vacuum cleaner is that it has a rating of 4.7 points out of 5, that is, virtually all who have tried it have given a maximum score.

Vacuum Cleaner with Bosch Bag BGL3A117A

Vacuum cleaner with cheap Bosch bag

Vacuum cleaner without pouch polti c130 plus

At last we can talk about one of the big brands in appliances.

The best thing this vacuum cleaner has is:

Fairly powerful, 600 W.
Great capacity of the bag: 4 liters, also includes 5 gift bags when you buy it.
Not too noisy.
Energy efficiency E, that is, it spends little despite its power.
New Hispin engine with aerodynamic blades
4 swivel castors
3 – Silent Vacuum Cleaner with Rowenta Silence Force Compact Bag

Again we will talk about one of the great brands and unbeatable model, ROWENTA!


Vacuum cleaner without pouch polti c130 plus

I’ll start by saying that this vacuum cleaner has the highest score. Yes, 5 points out of 5. It is true that at the time of writing this article, they have only valued it 3 times, but the fact that the three have given it maximum score is already a relief for the future consumer. Do not you think? At least for me is a great indication.

Let’s see their characteristics!

Power of 750 W.
3.5L tank bag
Energy efficiency class AAAA (I think if it is not the best of the best, it should be close).
ECO Classification: A. Hard Soils: A. Soft Soils: A. Dust Re-emission: A. Noise: 68db Max
3 levels of filtration: Hygiene bag + High filtration filter + foam
4 360º rotating wheels
Best Broom Vacuums

Let’s see the best models on the market of the most famous brands of broom vacuum cleaners: Bosch, electrolux and Polti.

Electrolux Ultrapower broom vacuum cleaner without bag and without cable

Electrolux broom vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner without pouch polti c130 plus

This is a broom vacuum cleaner with long battery life. How cool is that being in the future eh? This is one of those vacuums that when you see it, you automatically think: “How time has passed, and it seems that it was yesterday when I aspired my house with a cacharra of 1800 that did not aspire well, was stuck and also was ugly of balls.

That’s why we are here today, to show you that in this of the vacuum cleaners, brooms, those famous that always use in American films, technology has advanced a lot.

As first of list I show you one of the best rated, let’s see it!

This super mega ultra requeteguay vacuum cleaner has a rating of 4.6 points out of 5, which gives a piece of outstanding to one of the brands that are less known but that stick strong.

This is to buy vacuum cleaner already , we always recommend the good wherever it is(I.e.

Let’s see its characteristics:

A 25.2 V battery
Vacuum cleaner without bag, and its compartment has a capacity of 0.8 Liters.
It is wireless, and has a range of:
– Maximum power: 15 minutes
– Average power: 27 minutes
– Minimum power: 60 minutes
Cordless vacuum cleaner
Vertical parking (A very curious name to say that stands still standing)?
Cyclonic technology, which by now you know what it is
Has MANY maneuverability
What do they say about her? Let’s take a look at this broom vacuum cleaner:

“Excellent!! I vacuum every day and it never ceases to amaze me its power, especially when I pass through the carpet. ”

Rowenta Air Force Extreme VISION PRO Broom Vacuum Cleaner.

Rowenta Air Force Extreme Vision Pro

Vacuum cleaner without pouch polti c130 plus

This is the most famous model of all existing broom vacuum cleaners. You can see on Amazon that this particular has yet few comments (although very very positive), but it is because it is the new version of the very old Rowenta Air Force , which has hundreds and hundreds of comments (more than 600 at the time of publishing this article).

What a nice vacuum cleaner thing? I do not know which is more molona, ​​if this or the previous one, what you think?

Well, let’s see why this broom vacuum is so cojonudísima that deserves the honor and great pleasure of being among our candidates to the presence;

Features Vacuum Cleaner Rowenta Air Force Extreme Vision Pro :

Suction power equivalent to a sled of 2,200 W (ie a brown beast)
Battery: 25,2 V
Autonomy of 65 minutes
Air Force Cyclonic Extreme Ultraefficient System (You know that for something to sound really good and incredible it has to carry a combination of 80 – 20 words in English and Spanish).
Lights Leds on the bottom so you can see even the terror face of the fuzz when you’re going to suck it
Removable tank of 0.5 liters (perhaps one of its big hits is that it is small, but not a great drama knowing that its deposit is removed with a click).
Vacuum cleaner Polti Forzaspira SE110 without bag

Well as I said before in the article, those of Polti are the true gods in this of the vacuum cleaners, since they have sold more than TOOOODOS the other models together. Now it is the turn of one of his models not so well known, but VERY well valued by the critics.

Polti Forzaspira SE110 – Handy Bagless Electric Broom

Vacuum cleaner without pouch polti c130 plus

If I love the Polti, I assure you dear reader that this brand is paying the university of my children, many and many And TAAAAANTOS orders that we have received (I.e.

Let’s see the features of this vacuum cleaner that has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Amazon.

1400 W.
Detachable tank (without bag) although it does not say anywhere the capacity of this
Multicilonic system
Special Brush for Parquet
Washable HEPA filter (I guess by now you know it’s a HEPA filter )
They say such beautiful things as:

“The suction power is just like a sled vacuum cleaner … even more so because it does not lose with the tube. Much more powerful than a battery ”

Powerful Broom Vacuum Cleaner Bosch BBMOVE 4 without Bag and without cables

With built-in hand vacuum cleaner! Finally in this section touches on one of the most recognized brands in the world of home appliances, Bosch.

This model is the second best seller of all vacuum cleaners , and has also remained with very high ratings by the critic. Let’s see this wonder:

This vacuum cleaner is one of the clearest people to be my recommended broom vacuum cleaner, let’s look at its features and try to figure out why it likes so many people to have a 4.3 point rating on 5.Hardware Broom vacuum cleaner:
Cordless vacuum cleaner thanks to its rechargeable battery
Capacity of deposit of 300 ml
Two speeds
Up to 36 minutes autonomy
Foldable for easy storage
Built-in vacuum cleaner included in the price