2017’s Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners: Top Rated Stick and Handheld Product Reviews

Cordless vacuums are becoming more and more popular these days.  I can see why, as they are just so convenient when cleaning up smaller messes.  Millions of homes across the world use these types of vacuums and there are a lot of different models available so where do you begin?  Keep reading and I will break down what you need to look for before buying a cordless vacuum cleaner.

In this section we are going to talk about that great little friend who will help us with the cleaning tasks of more difficult access. Forget the hand vacuum cleaners you knew when you were little, those damn cacharras that never sucked a single little piece of bread before saying, “Oh, I die! DIE! “. The technology has advanced a lot and now the vacuum cleaners are very powerful bugs that can suck a sofa or a German sheepdog without blinking.

How? Because now they have batteries, and power as consumers have demanded for so long. Well, without more stories on my part we go with the best vacuum cleaners with brands: Dyson, Bomann and electrolux.

Dyson Vs Trigger Plus handheld vacuum cleaner without cable.

The most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner, with no suction loss !! Yes, which means you will use it and use it and it will always work with the same power as when you took it out of the box. And how is that? Well it is thanks to the technology Cyclones 2 Tier Radial, that as you know, everything that comes written in English is supposed to be better(I.e.

Dyson powerful handheld vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner without pouch polti c130 plus

Let’s see its characteristics:

Power: 350 W.
Weight: 1.6 Kg
Autonomy: About 20 minutes in normal mode, or 5 minutes in super hyper mega powerful mode.
Never loses suction capacity thanks to Cyclones 2 Tier Radial technology
Powerful Dyson Digital Engine, up to three times more powerful than most engines
Drain the bucket with a simple CLICK.
You can select two powers. Normal or extra strong.
Battery with no Ion-Lithium memory effect of 22.2 V, that is, it lasts no less with the passage of time.
Let’s see some opinions of this powerful hand vacuum:

“POWERFUL AND DRIVABLE: Just what you are looking for for car maintenance and small household items”

Bomann CB 947. The most popular vacuum cleaner on the market.

* EYE, it is handy for its size and weight, but has a 6 meter cable.

If there is a vacuum cleaner that has sold hundreds and hundreds of times on Amazon, this is it. It has more comments than any, and although it is possibly not the most powerful nor has the most beautiful design, it is a great model that will be what thousands of people look for when they want something good and cheap. Let’s go to see her:


Handheld vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner without pouch polti c130 plus

With its incredibly low price, its amount of opinions, and good judgment by the critics, this hand vacuum becomes the easiest product to recommend, the one you can do with your eyes closed knowing that the customer will like it.

Let’s see its characteristics:

It has cable (of 6 meters, that yes, but it has cable, that is why it has so much power, since it does not have battery).
Weight: 1.7 kg.
Removable and washable filter.
Comes with various accessories.
Better opinion on Amazon of a previous buyer;

POINTS FOR : 1) Cheap. 2) Cash. 3) Accessories 4) Cable connection and long
POINTS AGAINST : 1) Material 2) Small tank bag

It makes the same noise as a hair dryer, which people exaggerate a lot. The material is also the same as a hair dryer, so what? Is that the people pull the dryers to the 2 days because they do not serve ?. It warms up, others say, yes, exactly like a hair dryer.

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